Cultural Intelligence Training and Consulting

Equipping individuals and businesses to develop cultural intelligence and work more effectively across cultures

What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the ability to work effectively in culturally diverse situations. A culturally intelligent individual is not only aware of cultural differences but also effective at working and connecting with people across different cultural contexts. Study abroad programs, multi-national businesses, music, sports, research, politics, filmmaking, the workplace…Virtually all fields involve encounters with culturally diverse individuals and situations. The greater your cultural intelligence, the more likely you will successfully adjust to the cultures you encounter. Cultural Intelligence Center research spans 98 countries and over 75,000 individuals. It demonstrates that those with cultural intelligence have skills in four capabilities: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy, and CQ Action.

CQ Applications

  • Leadership Development Programs—organizations are using the CQ Assessment as part of executive coaching, senior and mid-level management programs, and in emerging leadership programs.
  • Recruitment, Hiring, and Promotion—cultural intelligence can be assessed in the midst of hiring and used as a metric of performance appraisals.
  • Performance Reviews—the CQ Assessments are being used in some contexts as part of the annual review process.
  • Team Development—contexts where training and assessment are often used include virtual teams, faculty development programs, IT managers, continued education for nurses, social workers, counselors, etc.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programs—CQ offers a fresh approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I) and provides a data-driven approach to help turn the focus of D&I on potential rather than upon compliance or punitive efforts.
  • Global Relocation—organizations use assessments, training, and coaching to prepare and support individuals who are being given an international assignment.
  • New Initiatives—organizations use CQ Assessment and training to prepare for and enhance the potential of new initiatives.
  • Program Assessment—the CQ Assessments provide a valid way of assessing the effectiveness of various programs (e.g. Study Abroad programs, university departments, high schools, and various organizational training programs) for improving intercultural capabilities.

CQ Testimonials

As more companies go global, we need a better understanding of how to function as leaders across cultural boundaries. The four-step process can help you develop your “CQ” and improve your cross-cultural leadership technique. Now more than ever, our shrinking world needs this work!
Ken Blanchard

coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

Based on solid academic research and years of personal experience, this is a whole new way of thinking holistically about the challenges and presents a repertoire of skills and behaviors that we can put to use in cross-cultural interactions.
Jim Kouzes

award-winning coauthor of the best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge

Being “international” is not defined by the stamp in your passport; it is what happens after you “get there” that defines your ability to understand and adapt to different cultures. I would describe David Livermore’s concept as not just applicable in today’s world, but brilliant, and not a minute too soon.
Mary Jean Eisenhower

President and CEO, People to People International

Culturally intelligent leaders will not assume they know what will build trust with clients or staff. Instead, they’ll discover what’s most important for communicating and building trust.

David Livermore

Cultural Intelligence Center Certification

Taylor Johnson is Global Bridge’s cultural intelligence resident expert. He has been trained by David Livermore, and is recognized by the Cultural Intelligence Center as an Advanced Certified Facilitator. The Culture Intelligence Center’s research and resources including assessments, case studies, articles and books are utilized by Global Bridge as we develop a personalized program to help you and your team grow in cultural intelligence. Consulting, trainings and assessments are offered in English and Mandarin.

CQ Services


Global Bridge offers a variety of assessments, consulting services and trainings to prepare you and your team to grow in cultural intelligence. Our trainings and services are customized to meet your specific needs whether it be leading or working on a multi-cultural team, study abroad, tourism or professional growth and leadership development.

CQ for Students

CQ for Business Professionals

CQ Articles

Global Managers Needed

Business management is not just related to business but also about people. It is part of the culture of the society in which it takes place. As a result of our world becoming smaller and increasingly interdependent, there is a need more than ever for business managers who can lead culturally diverse teams with intelligence.

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What does it mean to become culturally savvy?

During a TED talk a few years ago, Derek Sivers said “What is true in one culture , the opposite can be true in another.” Living and working overseas the last several years I have seen this reality up close and personal. When working with and discussing cultural intelligence with others, I often get the question “Does cultural intelligence really matter? Can’t you be successful with common sense and social intelligence?”

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Born to Lead…Globally?

According to Erika Andersen, founding partner of Proteus International, the question she most commonly receives when doing seminars on leadership is: “Are leaders born or made?” She believes that most of the interviewers that pose this question believe they already know the answer and conclude that most people would argue and believe that leaders are born.

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