We are often asked, “Why Ningxia?” “Why did Global Bridge decide to open in Ningxia and not Beijing, Shanghai or another much larger city?” There are many great reasons for why we choose Yinchuan including the great food and amazing hospitality we have experienced from the locals of Ningxia. There are also several great reasons related to business for choosing Ningxia. There are four key advantages that I will share in this post.

4 Key Advantages to Operating a Business in Yinchuan


1. Streamlined, fast business registration and work permit process

It is now possible to register a business in less than 10 days through an online portal and receive a work permit in less than 15 days. Yinchuan participated in pilot programs for the streamlining of both the business registration process in China and the work permit/visa process. At Global Bridge we were one of the first foreign owned companies to participate in both processes.

The new system allowed us to quickly and easily move through the registration process once we had all of our documentation ready. Both processes use online portals for submitting documents and filling out the forms. It is possible to follow the approval process in the portal.

By committing to participate in each of these pilot programs, Ningxia has shown its commitment to entrepreneurs and growing the local economy through new business development.


2. Yinchuan Free Trade Zone and shipping discounts

The Ningxia Commerce Department has been active during the last few years seeking to even the playing field as much as possible for import and exports into Ningxia compared to coastal provinces. There is no doubt that Ningxia is at a disadvantage because it is so far from all coastal ports making shipping expenses almost double many other parts of China. Because of this competitive disadvantage, Ningxia has taken helpful steps to encourage more trade inside of Ningxia.

First, the Yinchuan Free Trade Zone was opened next to the Yinchuan Hedong International Airport. Goods can be imported into the free trade zone from overseas without custom duties. However, when those goods leave the free trade zone the duties are assessed. This lowers upfront costs for trade companies that are importing for direct sales to consumers as they can delay paying import tax duties until the goods are sold. To encourage businesses to use the FTZ, warehouse and office space inside the zone are offered to businesses with significant discounts during the first three years of operations. It is even possible to open factories inside the zone in order to assemble products in the zone in order to lower taxes.

The second helpful step taken by the Ningxia Commerce Bureau is to offer shipping discounts to companies that export products from Ningxia overseas. Companies are able to apply for shipping refunds up to 40% of the shipping price. Agriculture items receive the highest refunds while other items are about 20% off. These refunds make it economically possible to consider purchasing products from Ningxia and even potentially using airfreight to transport overseas.

3. Willingness to learn from and work alongside foreign experts 

The Ningxia Foreign Experts Bureau is committed to using its resources to recruit the best people from around the world to help develop Ningxia. This includes recruiting overseas Chinese to return to Ningxia and use their skills to grow local businesses. It also includes recruiting foreigners with expertise in a variety of areas to come for short and long periods of time to help grow emerging sectors of the economy. Ningxia currently boasts experts from France, Germany, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and several other countries working in a variety of different fields including medicine and physical therapy, engineering, hospitality management, horticulture, dairy, and education.

Every other year the Ningxia Foreign Experts Bureau presents the LiuPanShan Foreign Experts Awards to 6-10 foreign experts who have made lasting contributions to the development of Ningxia. In some sectors, they are now even willing to help supplement the salaries and/or expenses of experts to help companies recruit the best.

4. Scholarships for foreign students at Ningxia University 

Ningxia University for many years has been committed to providing great educational opportunities for all of its students, including foreigners. For several years, the university has participated in scholarship programs that offer full scholarships for foreigners from certain countries who pursue degree programs at the university. Individuals can pursue bachelor, masters, and doctorate level degree programs.

Currently, Ningxia University is recruiting American students who desire to pursue a degree program on scholarship. The scholarship covers tuition, housing and a stipend. This presents a great opportunity for American students to receive a free education from a quality university.

The educational opportunities in Ningxia for foreigners is attracting more and more international students and the expat population in Ningxia is growing. This growth in diversity is creating opportunities for new businesses.

Ningxia is growing. Opportunities exist for overseas companies and experts to make a positive impact on the development of Ningxia. If you are interested in exploring the opportunity of opening a business in Ningxia or working, studying or touring Ningxia, please contact us at Global Bridge. We are ready to help businesses succeed in Ningxia!